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Yor - Acrylic Standee

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Thank you for visiting my shop! Attention is key to a pleasant shopping experience, so please read thru all info carefully. Let me know if you have any questions! (◕‿◕)

Size: Approx. 6 inches tall each.

Printed acrylic stand figurine with hexagonal blue base included. Approx. 6 inches tall each.
[Item contains protective film to avoid permanent scratching. You may peel it to remove it.]

1-day processing period. Ships from the United States!
Generally, shipping takes about 1-7 working days but may be extended due to weather, customs inspection, holidays, etc.
Please let me know if it’s time-sensitive.

We will message you if we need more time to process your order.

How to Use

1. Apply onto a clean & dry surface

2. Peel transfer tape with sticker, align to the location you want to apply it

3. Use a Squeegee to apply the sticker smoothly and to remove any air bubbles

4. Slowly peel transfer tape, leaving the sticker on surface.