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Heart Tsurikawa - Black Strap

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This is listing is for one Tsurikawa

  • Excellent quality “drift charm” with a plastic clamp and a strong strap for durability.
  • Used in car interior/exterior accessory and adds cool touch to your car.
  • Material: PVC Plastic and Strong nylon strap.
  • You can place them on your bumpers, handle bars, anywhere you see fit.
  • Easy to install, you only need a screwdriver to easily complete the installation.


Ring outsidediameter: 9.5cm / 3.7”

Total length: 23.5cm/ 9.2”


How to Use

1. Apply onto a clean & dry surface

2. Peel transfer tape with sticker, align to the location you want to apply it

3. Use a Squeegee to apply the sticker smoothly and to remove any air bubbles

4. Slowly peel transfer tape, leaving the sticker on surface.