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Yoko Littner Bunny - Stickers

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Were you looking for that perfect Sexy Bunny Yoko Sticker? Look no more; this Sexy Yoko sticker can be placed in many places to make your things unique.


Size: 3.5 W x 7 H - Full Body

        5 W x 6 H - Half Body 

         3 W x 8 H - Slap 

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- High-quality UV-protected vinyl sticker/decal, weatherproof, waterproof, scratch resistant, dishwasher, hand & automatic car wash safe. Lasts up to 3-5 years indoors and outdoors with proper application & care. Best to avoid direct sunlight 

Perfect for:

Cars, laptops, phones, tablets, windows, gifts, water bottles, hydro flasks, books, manga, journals, glass, desks, skateboards, binders, toolboxes, computer towers, luggage, mirrors, refrigerators, appliances, anime merch collection, & more!


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How to Use

1. Apply onto a clean & dry surface

2. Peel transfer tape with sticker, align to the location you want to apply it

3. Use a Squeegee to apply the sticker smoothly and to remove any air bubbles

4. Slowly peel transfer tape, leaving the sticker on surface.